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Cookie Policy
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we Use cookies to keep track of what you have bought from us and what did you do on the website. Cookies also means you can use services such as order tracking, account verification or completion.

Our cookies do not contain personal data such as name or banking details. Just allow us to find the information after logging in to the system or to help connecting your data with you and your personal data when you choose to enroll in the “white book” or newsletter.

that we sometimes use persistent cookies. We take great care to be taken seriously your personal information – we always monitor and improve how their protected.

Our cookies were placed in the following categories to help you understand why you need them:

1. Strictly necessary

these are used so our site worked efficiently

2. Performance

they are used to analyze the behavior of our website and ways to improve it.

3. Functionality

they Help us to improve Your experience by the following steps związane z wspomnieniami of remembering products added to the cart

4. Zarządzanie / advertising

they are used to sharing certain information with third parties with whom we advertise, so we know how you got to our website. We may also use cookies to identify parts of the site that interests You. We will then use this information to display advertisements and pages we believe that may be of interest to You to configure the way in which we communicate with You or personalize the text messages that we send to you. If you prefer, you can give them. Setting content indicates ??contains information that reflect the interest that you showed in the content of our website or discounts, or promotions we believe that may be of interest to You, and in order to improve the way we respond to Your needs.

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